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More King George III

On that same note about King George III, we had another recent occurrence. that gave the APF and porphyria more publicity. Recently, the movie, The King's Speech, was the story of one of the heirs of King George who became King after his brother abdicated, "for the woman he loved." He was the grandfather of the present Queen Elizabeth. Remember that story!!!

Several years ago , producers of the movie called us regarding the porphyria connection to the royal family. The King has a stammer, so they wanted to know if pophyria was a cause. I told them this was another family issue.

Regardless, they gave the APF credit in the movie credits. Which reminds me, we have had more television exposure than any other rare disease. If you watch HOUSE, you will have seen porphyria featured many times. To illustrate , here is a list of shows below, as well as two movies:
*The Madness of King George (1994) & (2005) Movie
* The King's Speech ( 2010) Movie


*House, Honeymoon, Season 1: episode 22

*House, Fools for Love, Season 3: episode 5 (mentions porphyria)

*House, Finding Judas, Season 3: episode 9

*House, Don’t ever Change, Season 4: episode 12 (mentions porphyria)

*House, Guardian Angels, Season 4: episode 4 (mentions porphyria)

*House, Whatever it takes, Season 4: episode 6 (mentions porphyria)

*House, Itch, Season 5: Episode 7

*House, Emancipation, Season 5: episode 8 (mentions porphyria)

*House, Let them eat cake, Season 5: Episode 10

*Scrubs, My Ocardial Infarction: Season 4, Episode 13

*Scrubs, Kelso’s last stand,Season7: episode 9

*Scrubs, My Dumb Luck, Season 9: episode 7

*Scrubs: Outta here like Vladimir: Season 8, Episode 4

*CSI Las Vegas, Justice Served Season 1 Episode 21

* CSI Las Angles, Once Bitten , Twice Damned Season 2 Episode ?

*ABC News Specials, Medical Mysteries Series, episode 2*

*ABC News Desiree Lyon interview

*ABC Prime Time CEP segment

*Mystery Diagnosis, The Sickest Patient in the Hospital and Terrifying Tremors, Season 5

*Mystery Diagnosis, The Boy Who Kept Swelling, Season 6 episode 6

*Mystery ER, Seeping through the cracks/Purple Haze, Season 1: episode 3

*Secret History: Purple Secret in Search of Royal Madness, Season 6: episode 6

*Montel Williams: Porphyria with Lauren Warren

*Montel Williams, Rare Diseases, Leppert Family

*Travel Channel, Documentary Romania

*Learning Channel Dec 09 Porphyria, another myth in the making.

*Fox News Desiree Lyon interview

*Fox News Vampires , A Medical Myth Nov 2009

*Fox News King George, Madness or Arsenic July 2005

*BBC news Desiree Lyon

*Sanjay Gupta CEP patient, Kasey Knauf CEP

*Anderson Cooper 360 CEP

*CNN documentary on CEP patient, Kasey Knauf

*CNN interview Desiree Lyon (CNN HERO)

*Dr. Oz EPP patient, Craig Leppert

*National Geographic; Feb 2010 Six Ways to Stop A Vampire

*Court TV

*Gray’s Anatomy, Time Warp Season 6 episode 15

*Castle, , Vampire Weekend, Season 2 , Episode 6


Parade Magazine, Desiree Lyon Howe story

Parade Magazine, Porphyria, Rare Disease Feature

New York Time Magazine-Sunday, Perplexing Pain : Porphria Article


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