Monday, June 13, 2011

Searching for a Good Doctor.

I was thinking today, Oh another new Doctor today.  I was not happy nor Sad, but I thought I’ve got to explain Porphyria again….I could do this in my sleep…. I was thinking.  I had to be honest I had a bit of a negative attitude.  I think we have all felt this way at one time or another, how is the new Dr. going to treat me are they going to understand me, believe me, look at 
me weird, think I’m crazy…

I had all my Papers and booklets and Binder ready to go.  I was so nervous and this in turn made me not feel so well, but said to myself and prayed that I could have the strength and confidence that I could get through this.  I got there and waited they did everything so fast {get you in and out}.  Waited for a bit and then it was my time to see the Dr.

The Doctor shook my hand introduced herself to me and said you have a rare disease I was told, what could you possibly have? She asked!

I told her, she looked at me with the crazy look and then excused herself and said she would be right back.  She came back a bit later, she said she had to go look this Disease up because she had heard of it in school but never thought she would see anyone with this condition.

She said she could help me but she really did not want to.  I told her that we hear that sometimes.

But this was # 6 of searching for a new Dr. I was still sick.  My mom happened to be on the phone to find me someone to see.  Ok we may have someone.  All those feelings all over again.  Those of us that go through this so often.  Made an appointment for another new Dr.  Checked In for my Appointment.

I could not clearly understand him, but he had a sincere smile and seemed to be very concerned about me.  He listened to us without questioning us as my mom, sister also have AIP.  He looked at my test results from Dr. Anderson made contact with him, had me meet the Pharmacist and they ordered me what I needed to be well.  I had a total of 12 different nurses 2 Doctors and 2 Pharmacist’s we all learned together and now we have a system.

When you find that special Dr. don’t ever take them for granted tell them how much you appreciate from the small things to the large items, they will help you for a long time.  That brings me to think of how we have Dr.s today for “Protect the Future Program” may we Thank old and new for all their time experience and investment for Porphyria patients everywhere.

Thank You!  Amy Chapman AIP Patient

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