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       I would like to let you all know how wonderful the Porphyria foundation has helped me.  I always love to help in any way I can and I think most of you are that way to, but have you asked yourself what is your limit?  Do you know you limit?  Do many people pull you in all different directions?  When we feel great or good, we pack everything that needs to be done or want to do all in one day, reminds me of going on vacation to see and do everything in one trip because you may not get back there. You all know what I mean.  Many people that have a disease wear T-shirts, bracelets, raise money, run races and so much more.  I see so many people get depressed and have low spirits because with Porphyria there are different types that affect us in so many ways and does affect our everyday lives.  So if you find yourself in that downward state what can you do to be happy?
·        Find an activity to do, read a book, paint, crafts, write your thoughts down in a journal
·        Exercise, stretch, go for a short walk this you can do inside or out
·        Could you take a day trip, favorite place to shop, visit a museum, go to the zoo
·        Take a vacation give yourself a break even if it’s a stay home vacation
·        Reach out and call a friend or family member, write a letter and mail it  It would touch some ones heart (old fashioned I guess)
·        Do something with your friends inside or outside, grill make a lunch or dinner date
·        Spend quality time with your family
So if you’re down today think of these fun things to do!  The most important thing is to get up and do something and have your life be in balance.  You can always volunteer to spread the message about the APF and send them a letter or note to thank them for all that they do.

Amy Chapman- AIP Patient


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