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Checklists You Can Take To Your Doctor

An important part of getting properly diagnosed or treated is maintaining clear communication with your practitioner. If you suspect that you might have a Particular health or related problems, your first step should be to schedule an appointment with your practitioner. A risks and symptoms checklist can be an important tool to help communicate your concerns. Even if you've been diagnosed and are receiving treatment, a risks and symptoms checklist can be useful in discussing unresolved symptoms and concerns that need to be addressed.  Don’t forget to be PREPARED.  Have your list of questions written down ahead of time and prioritize your questions in relation to your Dr.s visit.  Some things may apply immediately while other questions may have to wait till another appointment.  Take a moment to Thank Your Practitioner for their time and effort.  They are very busy every day to get everyone seen so you’re in and out but by being prepared having questions you will be able to spend m…

Why Do We Beat Ourselves Up? A Look at Self-Destructive Thoughts

If we had friends that treated us the way that many of us treat ourselves, they wouldn’t be our friends for very long. Imagine a friend who calls up just to complain–about you. Or an alleged buddy who quickly says “I told you so” when you screw up. Or someone who encourages you to give up instead of encouraging you to do your best.

Why do we do this? Why do we treat ourselves in such horrible ways? For some, the negative self-talk is so bad that it would literally be considered verbal abuse if coming from another person. Do any of these sound familiar? “I’m not good enough.” “I knew I’d fail.” “I can’t believe I messed it up again.” “Why can’t I be more like (fill in the blank)?” “I don’t deserve to be happy.” If someone said these things to you, imagine the impact it would have on your confidence.

Negative self-talk can easily turn into a damaging self-fulfilling prophecy where you live down–instead of up–to expectations. It’s a bad habit that could strangle any growth and needs to b…