Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thank You APF!

I wanted to take a moment to Thank everyone for their support to the APF.
What a difference you all make.  We have made some headway with all the types of Porphyria.
With your continued support, fundraising opportunities, support for fellow members we are all playing an important role.  The Doctors are working so hard for us all lets show our appreciation and we cant forget those who work in the office many hours a day.  So please take a moment a just say Thanks to all.
I hope everyone has a fine weekend and takes care of themselves.  If you have not signed up for the blog take a moment to do so today.  If your already on have you donated to firstgiving.com we have so many ways to donate Rob is walking 100 miles outside, many are walking, some are setting up a band benefit and the wristbands are still coming in it all goes to the best cause the APF, training new Doctors for the future, and so much more won't you do your part?

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