Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wristbands for Sale

We Have Wristbands for Sale to Support
Dr. Continuing Education Program for the
American Porphyria Foundation

Your Choice is Light Blue OR Purple and they read: www.Porphyria Foundation.com.
Please take a moment and ask your friends and family to help donate to this very special cause.  I will be taking orders by Email they will be 2/4.50$ US residents.  They are all 100% Silicone.  I where mine all the time it shows how important the APF is to me, it serves as a reminder to me that I have a rare disease and also helps to show the Medical Staff that I have this disease to.
But let’s be supportive together to raise awareness for PORPHYRIA

Please email me @ AmylChapman1992@gmail.com
Please include the following:  Name Full Address City State Zip Phone
Quantity of Each of the Blue or Purple.  You can send your deposit directly to Firstgiving.com and click under American Porphyria Foundation and click under Amy Chapman~Wristbands
You will receive a receipt that you have made a donation to the APF

Thank you for your support!

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