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The Positives Of Purple.

We all loved this so much we put it on the blog for all to read.  Thanks to July K.  for all her hard work.

The Positives of Purple.

For as many years as I can remember, my favorite color has always been Purple.

As one who studies colors and their meanings, I thought I would share some with you.

Purple represents:
Ambition - the will to keep going.
Royalty – of the Kings and Knights of old.
Power – the strength within.
Valor – courage, virtue, and ethics.

But wait, purple is a mixture of others, Red and Blue.

Red represents:
Passion – in what you hold true.
Strength – in ourselves.
Vigor - Physical or mental strength, energy, or force.
Love – to have and share.

Blue represents:
Tranquility – the calmness and peace within.
Patience – a learning experience in itself.
Understanding – from others and of oneself.
Changeability – the moment-to-moment awareness and adjustments we make.

On this new journey in my life, I have given Purple some new meanings.
These may mean different things to you:

The next time you find yourself fortunate enough to catch a Rainbow in the sky, take note. Purple is the last color to show, and the hardest to see. But when it does, the Rainbow is complete.


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