Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Porphyria Education for MDs

 Do you have this for your Doctors?


The APF promotes comprehensive health care necessary to

manage life with porphyria. We encourage members to call

the office and request a free

Acute Porphyria Physician

Education Kit

for your doctor. Treating physicians can also

get information about consulting a Porphyria specialist on diagnosis

and patient care.

Acute Porphyria Physician Education Kit contents:
Diagnosis and Management of the Acute Porphyrias,”

Annals Int Med, March 2005);

APF Brochures

on all of the porphyrias (written by porphyria

Detailed information on biochemical and genetic testing

for porphyria;

Detailed information on treatment of acute porphyria

with Panhematin®

(hemin for injection), and preparing

hemin with albumin.

The APF also offers:
In acute porphyria Drug Safety Database;

Two Continuing Medical Education courses on Porphyria

(online, free of charge to practicing physicians);
A PowerPoint presentation, suitable for detailed presentation

to students and hospital staff;
Porphyria Live

(30-minute educational DVD focusing on

PCT, AIP and EPP, features patient stories and extended specialist

For more information, call 713-266-9617 or 866-APF-3635

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