Thursday, August 30, 2012

Attitude and Healing- My Perspective

Having a positive attitude has helped me get through my treatment, both when I'm in the Hospital, Infusion Center and at home.  It helps me feel better and hopefully those who I come in contact with.

A friendly smile or kind word spoken can really unite us together and reminds us we are not alone.  We fight this disease together, and together we can overcome adversity. 

Just as there is no denying we have our dark days of Porphyria, and what it has brought me, there are many gratifying days filled with support, and hopefulness.  
These help me carry through.

Recognize and appreciate the bright days and draw strength from sharing your own experiences with others.  
Attitude and outlook are helpful weapons in living with this disease and, as you know, you need every tool available, why because its R.A.R.E.....

So, In addition to your Doctor, APF suggestions, and treatments you must ENDURE, try building a positive attitude into your regimen.  The smile you display and the one you'll receive back is infectious.

Your approach to treatment and getting your positive drive to get better will help everyone!

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