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Porphyria Education for MDs~ Have you Ordered this Yet?

The APF promotes comprehensive health care necessary to
manage life with porphyria. We encourage members to call
the office and request a free Acute Porphyria Physician
Education Kit for your doctor. Treating physicians can also
get information about consulting a Porphyria specialist on diagnosis
and patient care.
Acute Porphyria Physician Education Kit contents:
• “Diagnosis and Management of the Acute Porphyrias,”
(Annals Int Med, March 2005);
• APF Brochures on all of the porphyrias (written by porphyria
• Detailed information on biochemical and genetic testing
for porphyria;
• Detailed information on treatment of acute porphyria
with Panhematin® (hemin for injection), and preparing
hemin with albumin.
The APF also offers:
• An acute porphyria Drug Safety Database;
• Two Continuing Medical Education courses on Porphyria
(online, free of charge to practicing physicians);
• A PowerPoint presentation, suitable for detailed presentation
to students and hospital staff;
• Porphyria Live (30-minute educational DVD focusing on
PCT, AIP and EPP, features patient stories and extended specialist
For more information, call 713-266-9617 or 866-APF-3635.


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