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How can you show your support for the American Porphyria Foundation for such causes as "Protect the Future" or Research Programs?

How can you show your support for the American Porphyria Foundation for such causes as  "Protect the Future" or Research Programs?

Look at how people have helped show there support to the APF.  Why we need you and how you can help.  Look at these past ideas and upcoming events!  Are you ready to show your support?  We need to train good Doctors, we think of all the support and the many efforts the APF does for us how can we show our appreciation lets give back!

Just take a moment to reflect on all these important Fundraisers:

Desiree Lyons did a Pet beauty contest many joined with there pets to raise money for the APF.

Rob Saupe has walked over 100 miles on foot to raises awareness for EPP! He has raised so much awareness and had many donations come in to support his walk!

Amy Chapman enjoyed selling the wristbands that can still be bought and has sold over 400 wristbands and raised over 1300.00$ 

Please call the APF @ 866-APF-3635 if you want to raise awareness and support funding for these programs.

These are just a few ideas & ways to show your support and appreciation for the APF!
Now, look at this upcoming event:

My name is Dan Yelen. I am 23, going on 24, and I play for the Chicago Heretics in a paintball league. I've been with them since their beginning in 2007. In my life I have done some very interesting things, including TV appearances with th
e Heretics. As a team we've received a Bob Long sponsorship that got us our own private label victories. I've written for Facefull Magazine, toured with Styx working as a roadie, and met many rock and roll celebrities through that opportunity. I've worked Bonnaroo and filmed some of the biggest up and coming artists this year. Yet the thing I am most proud of is my work for the American Porphyria Foundation. You see, I have Acute Intermittent Porphyria, one of eight forms of Porphyria.

For me and my form of the disease, it stems from my liver. It causes me intermittent bouts of extreme pain in my abdominal region, limb numbness, fatigue, delusions, and other symptoms. It is a hereditary disease that I received from my mother, who suffers from it worse than I do. She receives treatment monthly with Panhematin, which is infused via chest port. It is the only treatment for acute porphyrias. This drug, Panhematin, is the reason I've been back and forth to Washington D.C. meeting with Senators defending it's production and the rest of the drugs listed under the Orphan Drug Act.

Because this is a rare, hereditary disease, all funding for the disease's research and public awareness comes mostly from the pockets of private donors.

Funds are limited for the foundation, so, I have taken upon myself to ask for assistance from the paintball industry, the industry I know and love.

Please join me November 4, 2012 in East Dundee, Illinois at Paintball Explosion held at paintball field, for a Fundraising Event designed for the fun of new, as well as experienced players. Portions of the entry fees and paint sales will go to the American Porphyria Foundation, as well as funds raised through the items we will be raffling away at the event. This game will be for fun, of course, and I encourage you all to have as much fun as you can with your family and friends. Bring your brothers, sisters, husbands and wives. Since porphyria runs in the family everyone in the family can participate. We hope to introduce new players to the game, welcome them, and teach them all about this game we love while trying to end the disease that has stricken my family, as well as thousands of others.

Thank you, and I hope to see you in November.

Dan "Leech" Yelen

Thank you Dan and all of you who help the APF!


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