Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Book News! Show your support and read a great book.


APF  Patient Meeting In Atlanta Is Fast Approaching!

Saturday, December 8th 2012
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Hampton Inn Atlanta-Buckhead
3398 Piedmont Road NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
RSVP to Yvette at porphyrus@aol.com  or  call 1.866.APF.3635

For more information about the meeting go to: 

We hope to see you there!

 BOOK  NEWS.........
"What Happened To Mr. Bennett?"
Daughter of a Man who lived with CEP writes a book about her father to bring awareness to Porphyria.
  Monica Bennett Firchow has written a book about her father , Gene Bennett, who had CEP.   It is a fascinating story of a man who lived life to the fullest despite the tragic impairment from CEP.  Disregarding Gene's severe photosensitivity and subsequent devastating skin damage, Gene was a rancher, pilot, sports and dog show photographer, parishioner, not to mention a wonderful friend, husband and father.  He was a man to be admired. 
  You can help Monica get attention for her book by visiting her website and reading about Gene @ http://genebennett.net, and clicking the "like" button at the top of the website. Please show your encouragement and support by visiting "What Happened To Mr. Bennett?"  fb page by clicking here.  Be sure to click the "like" button at the top of the page.          Your comments will be sincerely appreciated and are also needed to show the editor that people are interested in the porphyrias. 

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