Monday, November 5, 2012

Dan Yelen's Paintball Explosion! Thank You for your support!

This past Sunday was possibly the roughest day ever for me to keep my composure. I couldn’t tell you how close I was to crying through out the day. I have never dealt before with the amounts of kindness shown to me, my mother, or the American Porphyria foundation. Multiple people went out of their way to help support those with Porphyria. This includes not just the players, but the event’s field host, and our donating sponsors as well.

Thank you, Tj Smash Andres and his awesome field, Paintball Explosion for hosting our benefit game. Without you this would have never happened. Also, thank you for donating your items that each included free admission passes for your field. Also, thank you to the Saints Pbteam for helping me advertise the event, as well as my team mates Chicago Heretics

Thank you to Valken Sports and Nicole Smith-Kinner, Matt Osborn and Aurora Oil & Lube, Punishers Paintball, LAPCO Los Angeles Paintball Company., The Chicago Hist
ory Museum, and Zach Fusco for all supporting our event and helping us run it smoothly, and for donating items to the raffle.

Thank you to our wonderful guests who played this sunday and also to those who also participated in our raffle. Together you raised over $850 dollars through the raffle alone. I have to yet currently go over how much we raised in whole, after the entry fee's other contributions, but the fact remains that you all contributed to a foundation that appreciates all your kindness and will not forget that.

Paintball Explosion has already told me they would gladly host this event again, so I have already began thinking about how to make this bigger and better next year!

Once again, thank you, everyone for all your kindness, donations, and help in making November 4th a success. You all, moved me, and I will never forget that.   

So if you think you would like to Donate, make Up an Event, Raise Money for the APF!
 Please contact them at 1-866-APF-3635


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