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Winterize Your Skin~Why & How

You put antifreeze in your car each winter to protect the engine against the cold.  It's equally important to take good care of your skin and guard it against the harsh winter weather.  Here are a few steps to help you protect and nurture your skin against the elements.

(1.)  Don't for go the sunscreen just because it's cold and dreary outside.  Stick with an SPF of at least 15 or higher you know what to use you EPP & PCT folks.  And don't forget a sun blocking balm for you lips to.

(2.) Humidify the air in your house, which may be drier than usual due to the heating system.  Try using a mist humidifier in your bedroom at night.  They are small, to large in size quiet and if you have allergies like I do it really works.

(3.)  Cut back on the long HOT showers.  They might feel good while you're muscles hurt and need relief, but they can really dry out your skin.  Opt for a shorter, warm shower instead.  An ideal time to moisturize is after a shower.  You see the skin is still damp and this moisture can be locked into the skin with a good moisturizing cream.

(4.) Use moisturizer more often.  You may even need to switch to a heavier product than you use in the warmer months.  Don't forget to slather is on your hands after you wash them to protect them from cracking. (I often have to use gloves to keep the moisture in overnight.)

(5.) Switch to a gentle formula soap.  A deodorant or antibacterial soap can contain harsh chemicals and fragrances that may irritate your already drier skin.  If you have rosacea or other skin conditions, you may need to be especially careful about protecting your skin in the winter, as the cold air can worsen the condition.
(6.) Finally, if you live in a warmer climate still take all the above measures to protect your skin from the sun. When you take time for caring for your skin, the benefits will be beautiful inside and out.


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