Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Join Rare Connect, Why? & What It Is!

What is Rare Connect?  Once you sign up it's free and you become a  member.  You are Connecting with Patients of Rare disease Globally!  There is Information from many of the Porphyria Centers worldwide, we ask questions, we talk, we read and join in excellent conversations!  So if you see any familiar faces say "HI" and become friends and if you or know someone with another disease join that group to.  We are excited for all of you to join in this process.  All groups are monitored and all have good guidelines to follow and it's so simple to use.  If you have any problems or signing up please contact and she will be happy to assist you.

   "Research is the Key to Your Cure"


Hosted by trusted patient advocates, this is a place where rare disease patients can connect with others globally.Come in and learn more >
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Our Communities

Our Communities
Find an online community for your area of interest. Meet, interact and learn from your peers and medical experts. We have 39 rare disease communities with more to come soon!

Join RareConnect

Join RareConnect
Meet and interact with others who share your condition in a supportive and friendly environment. Find the information and support you need and share your own experiences.

Member Story

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