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Cook Brothers and family promote Awareness Week.

Cook Brothers and family promote Awareness Week. 

The Cook brothers, Cason (11) and Caul (10) have started a Porphyria Awareness Week HAT DAY tradition in their home town of Vernon, Texas. Both brothers have EPP and have set a great example about enhancing awareness of the disease in their own local area.    The boys wanted to raise money for the APF, too, so they asked the school board if they could do an awareness event and raise funds for the APF by hosting HAT DAY where everyone at their schools who wanted to participate could wear a hat in honor of the brothers and bring one dollar for the APF. The students loved the idea.  It also gave Cason and Caul a chance to teach their school mates about porphyria, especially EPP.  The boys explained about not being able to be in the sun and how it affects them, thus giving their friends a greater understanding of the severity and complexity of EPP.  

Cook Family L - R-Caul Cason- Lee Ann - Chris 2
Cook Family: L-R, Caul, Cason, Lee Ann, Chris

 Also, employees at many businesses could do the same by bringing a dollar and wearing a hat every day of Awareness Week.  Their whole community got involved and businesses even contributed by giving discounts. The Cook family also hosted another successful fundraising and awareness event at their church. This was such a wonderful and fun way to promote awareness and raise fund for physician education.

Remember…..Research is the key to your cure!


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