Friday, October 27, 2017

PORPHYRIA POST: Health Professional Radio interview

PORPHYRIA POST: Health Professional Radio interview

Desiree Lyon Howe, APF Executive Director, was given the opportunity to enhance porphyria awareness by participating in a live radio interview with Health Professional Radio. Desiree spoke on the acute hepatic porphyrias, raising patient and physician education, misdiagnosis and much more.
Health Professional Radio is an online radio/podcast network targeting 35K global healthcare professional listeners with a focus on "news and talk" geared toward a range of healthcare professionals across specialties and with a range of clinical experiences (including residents, nurses, and MDs). The show includes interviews with experts and everyday people on important health topics; some content is clinical, some management orientated, and some lifestyle orientated.

"Remember....Research is the key to your cure!"

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