Friday, December 8, 2017

APF just got a makeover!

APF_FBCover_03 email header
Same dedication to the Porphyria community!

The American Porphyria Foundation is launching a brand new look today.  You will see this refresh across our communications including the website, seven Facebook groups, Porphyria Post, Twitter, Purple Light Blog, Google and YouTube.  We are proud of our new look that represents the people we serve and the group of rare diseases we represent. We remain steadfast in our dedication to support individuals and families who are impacted by Porphyria through physician and patient education, awareness campaigns, strong advocacy and a relentless focus on research.
Stay tuned for more exciting updates from your APF team in 2018! As always, thank you for your wonderful support.  
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2018 Heme Biosynthesis and the Porphyrias: Recent Advances - ORLANDO, FL

Mark your calendars to join the American Porphyria Foundation and the Genetic Disease Foundation along with expert physicians from around the world! On Saturday, January 13, 2018 there will be a Clinical Day for Patients which will include in-depth discussion on Erythropoietic and Acute Hepatic Porphyrias with domestic and international experts, interactive Q&A Sessions and much more. Registration is COMPLIMENTARY. If you plan on attending the clinical day for patients, please contact Edrin at the APF office today to register.

Clinical Day Flyer 
"Remember....Research is the key to your cure!"

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