Wednesday, December 20, 2017

PSA- Urgent Need for Acute Porphyria Patients Research

Dear friends, 

Please consider being a volunteer. The new drug , Givosarin has had great results thus far..Stopping Attacks is the objective. Ppl like, Michael Boone and Lakeisha Johnson have been telling you all about the great experience.

Your travel is all paid! Miami, Winston Salem, Boston, Galveston beach, San Francisco, Salt Lake City. , Birmingham, NYC, Philadelphia, Little you go..Meet an expert!

Please we urge all of you to contact the APF @ 
1-866-APF-3635 ask for Edrin!  

Get involved with Research today!

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  1. It has been known for just over 50 years that a small dose (15 mg) of zinc sulfate will stop an AIP attack in minutes, at a cost of pennies per dose, with no hospitalization and no side effects. Why won't APF endorse simple cost effective Zinc Sulfate therapy for AIP?


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