Monday, January 8, 2018

Wisdom for Heart and Health

Wisdom for Heart and Health
 Wisdom for Heart and Health

“A calm heart is the life of the fleshly organism.”​—PROVERBS 14:30.

“A heart that is joyful does good as a curer.”​—PROVERBS 17:22.

● Those simple but profound statements were spoken by King Solomon of Israel about three thousand years ago. * But are they true? What does modern medicine say?

Concerning a calm heart versus one given to anger, the Journal of the American College of Cardiology states: “Current findings suggest a harmful association between anger and hostility and CHD [coronary heart disease].” Hence, the Journal notes: “Successful prevention and treatment of CHD might involve . . . not only conventional physical and pharmacological therapies, but also psychological management focusing on anger and hostility.” Simply put, a calm heart fosters good health, just as the Bible says.
Similar positive effects spring from a joyful heart. Dr. Derek Cox, a health official in Scotland, stated in a BBC News report: “If you are happy you are likely in the future to have less in the way of physical illness than those who are unhappy.” The same report stated: “Happier people also have greater protection against things like heart disease and stroke.”
What is more, that wisdom is recorded in plain language so that all can benefit. And it comes free of charge!

As millions have already discovered to their great joy, “when wisdom enters into your heart and knowledge itself becomes pleasant to your very soul, thinking ability itself will keep guard over you, discernment itself will safeguard you.” 

Is that not most reassuring?

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