Friday, February 2, 2018

Introducing “Lighting the Moment 2018”

Introducing “Lighting the Moment 2018”

Introducing “Lighting the Moment 2018”
Some of the best moments we can have in our lives tend to come on vacation. We go to places we otherwise would have never gone to, we learn about cultures and traditions that once seemed so foreign and we grow through experiences that later become summed up by in inside jokes, “gotta be there” moments and with the people we took those trips with. And what is more memorable than those classic family trips with the family? The ones that live on in old photos, admired for the absurd fashion choice of the decade and those classic tales of who got sick at the worst time, who was “unamused by the Grand Canyon”, and so on. It is our belief that a vacation, more so a family vacation.
Family’s come in all forms, but every family deserves the same chance at doing and experiencing a great family vacation. And every family deserves to do that regardless of the sun. That’s why we at Shadow Jumpers have introduced “Light the Moment 2018,” a chance to help families with EPP go out and do something for a vacation they otherwise wouldn’t have tried. Let us do our best to show you the sun is worth taking on, if you know the right tricks, strategy and creativity to do it.
This year we will be sending our first family on a vacation this coming summer to the most magical place on earth, Disney World in Orlando Florida. The whole immediate family will be flown all expenses paid and put up in one of Mickey’s and Minnie’s favorite resorts. From there, be treated to access to every park. From the awe of Cinderella’s castle, to looking for captain Jack Sparrow or from blasting off with Buzz Lightyear and diving down with Nemo, there is something for everyone during the whole trip. With our help on food, merchandise and some surprises along the way, let us show you every family vacation, regardless of sun, is worth trying.
We will be sun-proofing this family every step along the way. From transportation while traveling in the park and cutting all lines in the sun to extended late hours in the park with the sun down, while also providing any & all clothing, let us worry about how you get from A to B while you worry about which ride to go on for the second and third times.
Check out the application here below. We want to hear from you and your family. Tell us about you, what makes your family that special kind of family? BE CREATIVE, show us what you got! Send photos, videos, songs, for goodness sake GET MAGICAL! The application deadline is MARCH 23rd.  

To Enter please click on this link:
Arrow down & click Download or Preview 
Good LUCK to everyone!

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